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On this page we will keep a running update about Extracurricular
activities available to our school community.

NEW CLUB posted August 2013:

The WPA Running ClubWPA Running Club

When:  During the 1st and 4th quarters
Time:   2:30 to 3:15
Who:  For 3rd through 6th grade students
Where: Start in the gym and then head outside to run through the neighborhood, Legacy trail, and other trails in the area.
Why:  To get ready for our annual 5k fun run ( November 16th) , to get in some great physical shape, and because running is fun!!!

*Important information:  Because we will be running off school grounds every student will need a permission form.  I would also like to have some parent volunteers to come and run with us.  It will be a great experience for everyone involved as well as get everyone in great physical shape!!!


Posted September 2013:


After School Clubs – Volunteer opportunities available!

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 9.47.14 AM

WHAT: Do you have a talent or special skill? Come teach the students about it! No idea what to do? We have some great activities where all you need to do is be present and make sure the students are having a great time!

WHEN: Tuesday after school activities run the 2nd and 3rd terms. They are held everyTuesday from 2:35 to 3:30.

WHY: These After School Clubs are a lot of fun and a great favorite of the students. The only way we can make these activities work is with parent volunteers. So please come out and teach and learn with our amazing students!

WHO: The After School Clubs vary in age group according to the activity offered and some have minimal costs for students to attend, but many are also free of charge.

Please contact Teresa Taylor if you are interested. WPAClubs@hotmail.com or 801-205-6391.



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