Volunteer Opportunities


Looking for Volunteer hours? Visit the Volunteer section on the WPA website for more information, to log your hours or find out about opportunities. You can also contact our PTO Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Nelson at lori@nelsonbunch.com

Lori has also provided the following information:

The HelpCounter website developer has created a new site that is a little easier to navigate.  It also allows activity chairs to edit thier activities.

Please go to www.volunteeratschool.com and try it out.  If your password from the other site doesn’t work, have it send you a new one and then you can change it if you want.

You will be able to add assignments/shifts, print out a shift schedule, and send email reminders to volunteers.

I am excited for this and hope it will make it easier for everyone to get volunteers and communicate with them.

Basic instructions:

1- go to www.volunteeratschool.com

2- If you have not logged in here before, click on “request password”.  This is a new version of the site from last year, so you will need it to generate a new password if you had an account last year.

3- Enter you email and it will tell you if they already have you in the system.  Don’t be alarmed if you are new to the school and your email is found, I have manually entered some info for class captains who signed up at parent night if they weren’t already in the system.

4- Once you receive your password, log in and change it if you want.

5- update you Volunteering interest form.

6- look around and get familiar with the site.

My spouse and I both volunteer at the school should we share an account?
No, create separate accounts and then contact me and let me know that they need to be linked into a family so your hours will go toward the 30 hour family quota.  The reason for this is if John Smith signs up on paper to help with the 5K I will not know that his wife Susie Smith is the one with the account online and he won’t be added to the list of volunteers.
There must be an easier way to log my hours.
There is.  Log into Facebook and search for “HelpCounter” and install the app.  Now every time you log into Facebook you can click on the HelpCounter link on the left side of your screen and update your info.
I don’t see anything to volunteer for on the calendar.
The calendar is for specific time slots that volunteers can sign up for.  If an activity doesn’t have those, for example, they might need someone to help sort papers at home, then they can’t enter it there.  The best thing to do is update your Volunteer Interest Form from the main screen.  That way when an activity chair needs help with something, they can send out an email to everyone interested.
I don’t see my question answered here.
Click on the email links at the bottom of the main screen for help, or contact lori@nelsonbunch.com

Lori Nelson
PTO Volunteer Coordinator


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